A hike from Wadi Qelt to Sea Level

A hike from Wadi Qelt to Sea Level

On February 10th, 2017, 220 people, including 20 internationals, participated in a Right to Movement hike along the Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil. Right to Movement is a global running community running for the basic human right of freedom of movement.

The hike took them through Wadi Qelt toward the Sea Level Bedouin Community, (Al-Jahalin Tribe) Tent, located between Jerusalem and Jericho. The community, facing a threat of eviction from its current location, is originally from Tel Arad region of the Naqab. Today, Al-Jahalin Tribe is the largest refugee tribe in Palestine.

Both men and women of various ages participated in the event; some already physically active and some interested in becoming more active.

The 220 participants were divided into smaller groups. Each group was led by an experienced trekking guide to insure that all safety precautions were taken.

“The route was very interesting, the plan of the trip was well prepared, and I want to emphasize on the great job done by the guides,” said – George Zeidan, Co-Founder of Right to Movement.

With the support of Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil, Right to Movement organized the event to enable the participants to explore their country on foot, create for them an entertaining and relaxing sport activity in a natural setting, and provide an opportunity to meet with local communities.

The Right to Movement hikers ended their walk at the Sea Level Bedouin Community, where they had a chance to learn about Al-Jahalin tribe Bedouins as they enjoyed a meal together.

“The Bedouin experience was a great conclusion for the trip, it was such a nice way to socialize together after the hike and talk about the different experiences. We learned about challenges facing Bedouins and we are happy to contribute towards their sustainability,” said – George Zeidan, Co-Founder of Right to Movement.


pictures taken by

Diala Isid

 Mousa Mohammed

 Tamara Totti

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