Artas Lettuce Festival

Artas Lettuce Festival

Project Description

Since its debut back in 1994, the annual Lettuce Festival which takes place in the beautiful village of Artas just south of Bethlehem near Solomon’s Pools brings locals and visitors together in a joyful festival celebrating and honoring the eternal Palestinian peasant. Organized by the Artas Folklore Center is truly an experience as you get the chance to interact with the living stones of this ancient land and experience the hospitality and culture of Palestinian in real life.

“A beautiful village just to the south of Bethlehem, Artas lies at a crossroads of the ecosystems, is steeped in traditions and folklore of successive civilizations and has distinction of being the most documented village in Palestine.”

Artas is famous for its fertile valley where mostly lettuce is planted. Friendly people of the village would like to share with you the joy of the lettuce harvest. They have prepared a cultural program featuring traditional Palestinian songs and dances which will be presented at the amphitheater of the Solomon’s Pools. Everybody is welcomed!

To learn more about Artas visit the website.


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