Culinary Tours

Culinary Tours

Project Description

Palestinian food makes a splendid collection of rich in flavours and nutritious dishes that share culinary features with East Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions. However, Palestinian cuisine has its own distinctive character, noticeable within the area and across the world. Food is one of the central parts of Palestinian culture that comes into every aspect from day to day life to special occasions. It is all about spending time with the closest people and making a happening out of the ordinary. During their stay in Palestine, travelers are invited to be a part of this tasteful experience and even make it a core of their journey.

The following week-long program encourages visitors to taste, smell and know more about the different delicates of Palestine.

Day 1: Canaan Fair Trade Facility in Burqin, Jenin Tour of olive tree groves, local farmland where CPF sources ingredients (meet farmers)

Canaan Production Facility (tour, tasting)

Half-day hike in Jenin area (CPF)

Day 2: Nablus Kanafeh factory (demo, tasting)

Bait Al Karama (slow food movement and female-run cooking school) (tour, cooking class)

Nablus city tour

Day 3: Ramallah & Taybeh Taybeh Brewery

Rukab’s (arabic gum ice cream)

Qitar Ata’am (first food truck in Palestine)

Tour Ramallah; Arafat Mausoleum and Mahmoud Darwish Museum. Transfer to Taybeh for tour.

Day 4: Jericho Date farm and Nakheel production facility (tour, tasting)

Tour of Jericho

Day 5: Bethlehem Falafel making from street vendor

Homestay: stuffed grape leaf and maqlobe making from local family in Beit Sahour

Tour of old city, Nativity Church

Day 6: Hebron Cooperative Center for Agricultural Marketing and Processing (grapes)

Bakery tour

Hebron city tour

Day 7: Jerusalem Spice market + old city tour (Arabic coffee, street foods)

Jabrani (tahini factory and halva production in old city)

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