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Our Story

Sunbula is a Jerusalem based non-for-profit fair trade organization committed to promoting social justice and economic empowerment for the marginalized in Palestine.  We do so through support for local artisans and traditional handicrafts.


Our work began as a small project called Craftaid during the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising) in 1988 by Carol Morton, the wife of the late Rev. Colin Morton of the St. Andrews Scottish Church in Jerusalem.  Carol wanted to help Palestinian women across the West Bank and Gaza Strip in their efforts to support their families by marketing their beautiful handmade traditional crafts.  She started inside St. Andrews Guest House a modest shop, which became the nonprofit organization Sunbula in 1996.  In April of 2010, we opened our second shop, “House of Palestinian Crafts,” in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Since being founded Sunbula has become Palestine’s leading fair trade organization, and is regarded as a trusted provider of the finest quality traditional crafts while directly supporting hundreds of women and their families.


Sunbula envisions a world where the most marginalized people – including women, refugees, people with disabilities — live in dignity and prosperity, and are empowered to preserve their heritage through creativity, innovation, and economic opportunity.


Sunbula is guided by the core value of empowerment of the most marginalized, focusing on poverty, justice, and supporting the development of Palestinian society.  Through creativity and innovation, and with deep respect of local heritage, Sunbula supports activities that provide income, preserves traditional skills and culture, and helps sustain producer groups in order that they are able to provide for their communities.  Sunbula will achieve this through a focus on the sustainability of the producer groups it partners with, including capacity training, product development, and increased market access, all based on fair trade principles.

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