Annual Olive Harvest Festival

Annual Olive Harvest Festival

Project Description

Olive Trees play a very significant role in the Palestinian Tradition. They have been always considered both an indispensable element of Palestinian livelihood and a symbolic token of peace and prosperity.

The months of October and November mark the Olive Harvest season in Palestine. It is a very joyful time and brings a lot of festivals in all over the country. In Bethlehem, we are going to celebrate it on the 29th of October 2011. Visitor Information Center would like to invite you our city at that day – as it is going to be a time full of interesting events and attractions!!

The Olive Harvest Festival features: Olives, Olive Oil, Wood, Soap, Traditional Food, Tile Making, Embroidery & Palestinian Folkloric Shows. There will be a traditional market in the heart of Bethlehem – the Manger Square, and plenty of interesting performances.

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