Ramallah Highlands Trail

Ramallah Highlands Trail

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The Ramallah Highlands Trail was designed to connect historic centers with each other and with the areas in between in order to revive these places. You are invited to explore the cultural, natural, and architectural heritage while enjoying the beauty, richness, and diversity of Palestine’s historic centers and in the same time .challenge the fragmentation of Palestine’s geography.


Duration: 2 days

This heritage trail is a 30-km hiking trail (not way-marked), appropriate to be hiked over two days. The trail passes through pristine valleys, with stunning views of ancient terraced landscapes, impressive archaeological ruins and interesting flora and fauna. The path begins in the eastern outskirts of Silwad and winds through Wadi Qeis among ancient olive groves and peasant’s watchtowers. It also passes next to Burj al-Bardawi, a Crusader structure with Ottoman additions and continues towards Yabroud. There you will visit the historic center, pass by the village’s Holy Tree and walk around Maqam esh-Sheikh Yousef.
The next day will begin at the university town of Birzeit. The trail heads towards Ras Karkar, the town of 18th century impressive Al-Samhan Castle that contains around 50 rooms and courtyards. Noticeable are its stone ornaments around openings and carvings in vaulted ceilings. The path passes through beautiful valleys and historic villages.


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